Pillow with organic material tends to be considered as a way to increase health. At the same time, such a substance is also known for its long durability. But, how to take care of it? Especially for kapok fiber that is pretty thick, fluffy, and light? Should you wash it to avoid mold and clean the inside? Here is the answer!

You Don’t Need To Wash It

Generally, you don’t need to wash the pillow stuffing since it has a natural hydrophobic property. It means kapok won’t absorb water or be damp, so it won’t get moldy easily. It also makes the material resistant to moisture and dust mites. If the pillow starts to lose its fluffiness, you can put it in the sun for a few hours. Give it a bit of pummeling, and it re-fluff as cottony as before.

Washing Instruction

If you want to wash it, clean the outer shell and the pillow protector. It is the material that has direct contact with your body. Thus, it is likely to get dirty from sweat or dust. To clean the shell, you will need to take out the kapok altogether. It will lighten the washing process since you only clean the fabric.

After cleaning the shell, you can put back the kapok fiber inside it. Add more kapok if you need it since the pillow might shrink a little bit. If you are going to wash the pillow with the kapok inside, it will take more time. In this case, you will need to spin-dry it in a really fast movement. Tumble dry it, get some whack, and put it under harsh strong sunlight to dry it.

All in all, the organic fiber material makes it durable for long use. You don’t need to wash it since kapok has naturally hydrophobic and can last for a decade. It will still be clean and pure, as long as you clean up the surrounding areas. Rather than washing it, you can place it in the sun for a few hours to gain the initial fluff. If needed, you can also add some more kapok inside.

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