Have you ever considered that your pillow has a huge role in keeping your health intact? Surprisingly, it happens since sleep quality can affect your mood and health in general. Along that line, the new trend is going organic with healthy pillows made out of kapok fiber. What is it and why you should consider it? Here are why you need the organic pillow.

Reasons Organic Pillow Good For Your Health

1. Less Toxic From Natural Grow

No one sleeps in a pillow with pesticides waste or the off-gassing foam. Surprisingly, such conditions happen due to the rise of synthetic materials. It is generated through chemicals, which can be harmful to humans. Not only that but some plants are also grown with pesticides. However, kapok is grown in the natural rainforest. It is 100% organic since kapok trees grow without human intrusion. 

2. Dust Mite And Moisture Resistant

Sleeping on top of a moldy and disgusting pillow is a big no. No one will want to stay in such a situation. That is why kapok gain more attention since it has hydrophobic properties. Such character will make the fiber material resist moisture and dust mites. Thus, it is naturally clean will not absorb dampness. At some point, this property also makes the pillow stay fluffy for a long time.  

3. Eco-Friendly Choice

At the end of the day, the old pillow will be thrown out as a waste. Kapok fiber pillow is known for its good degradability, which makes it an eco-friendly product. Not to mention how it is 100% organic. It means the waste will not affect too much on the environment. Not only that, kapok pillow can stay durable for years. Make it less waste and cost.

Do the three reasons enough to prove how good the organic pillow is? Remember that you will likely lay your head on the pillow. Thus, you need to ensure the material for the pillow will not risk your health condition. This is where kapok offers a range of positive points. Kapok grows naturally in a forest, it also resists moisture and mite, not to mention eco-friendly.

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