Have you ever found a pillow or more in your grandma’s house that is years old? Most likely it is made or filled with organic material, such as kapok fiber. Even though the pillow is considered old, it does not make it lose quality. In many cases, a properly cared kapok fiber pillow will be more comfortable over time. How does it work? Here is a bit of info for you.

How Kapok Pillow Improve Its Comfortability

1. Malleable

The malleability aspect of the kapok pillow is very good. It means that users can adjust the pillow to fit their comfort. With proper adjustment, the old pillow can fit with users’ posture and sleeping position. Thus, provide the best comfort for whoever uses it to sleep. Not only that, users can add more kapok for more support and comfort.

2. Soft For a Long Time

Thanks to its ability to re-fluff under the sun, the kapok pillow will get back to its initial situation without a need for total rework. The idea itself is to help the fiber inside absorb heat and regain the soft fluff situation. It also prevents lumpy stuffing inside. So when users need a bit of fluff up, they can simply put the kapok cotton pillow under the sun for one or two hours.

3. Do Not Need To Wash

One property of kapok fiber is the natural resistance of dust mite, mold, and moisture. It makes the product do not need washing at all. A simple drying under the sun will be enough. The lack of washing also prevents the material to lump up together, losing its fluff, or being damaged. That is why a kapok pillow can stay fluffy and comfortable for a long time.

Indeed comfort is a personal thing. One pillow might feel comfortable for one, but not the other. It also happens to kapok pillow. However, this kind of organic pillow work to be the best durable, comfy, and soft product is due to its malleability. The organic full also less need of washing, thus the material will stay intact in its optimal condition for years.

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