Organic material with a high-quality product in the market tends to have a very high price, no matter what the product is. It includes the natural organic product of kapok fiber. Some markets around the world can price the material higher than normal and put high-quality credentials for it. But, what are the real characteristic of a high-quality product? Here are what you need to note.

The Distinguishable High-Quality Kapok

1. Transparent And Hollowed Body

Visually, you can distinguish high-quality kapok from its color and appearance. Kapok has a silky long fiber with white slightly yellowed color. Together it creates a fluffy and strong substance. But when you look at individual strands, the kapok body will look more transparent. Under a microscope, the substance appears with a water bubble and hollowed body. 

2. Made Out Of Mature Pod

Will you cannot see the product selection and procession, but the best quality product should be harvested from a mature capoc pod. This mature pod is known to have higher strength, more yellowish-white, and shiny. With a mature pod, the fiber is also easier to separate. Thus, every strand will appear more undamaged or intact.  

3. Similar Look And Feel Of Cotton Fiber

A high-quality kapok fiber will have a similar appearance as cotton fiber. However, kapok tends to have shorter strands due to its natural pod extraction. This 100% natural fiber with completely organic production will give a soft, silky, and fluffy natural fiber. Thus, you can find it on furniture, stuffing, cushion, or other fillings.

Pay attention to those aspects when you are going to buy the product. Visually, high-quality kapok will have a light transparent and hollowed body. Thus, it will make a nice fluff as stuffing. It also has a similar appearance as cotton fiber, which is strong and fluffy. And lastly, you can see the information to see how it was made and the company profile for a better quality product.

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